Level 7'0'' M Spinning Rod
Great all round spinning rod that will handle most any technique.  As with all Level spinning rods, this rod features a unique guide system that brings out the most performance from the rod blank. Learn More
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"I couldn't have asked for anything more really," he said. "It was a good tournament. I fished really clean today. Looking back, there's nothing I could've done differently. As a whole, I feel really good."

His day started better than the previous 2 as he boxed a decent limit of smallmouths before 9 a.m. That gave him the freedom to poke around and try to pick off a couple upgrades through the rest of the day.

"I was ecstatic because the last 2 days they'd been real slow for me up until about 11," he said. "I had all day to catch a couple big largemouth or do whatever I wanted to try to do to upgrade. I probably had 12 pounds at the time and felt like I was in super shape.

"I was doing some things to try to catch some largemouth down in the clear end and that never materialized for me down there. I abandoned that part of the lake and came back toward this end and pulled out the umbrella rig and caught two good ones in the last hour."

The first was a 5 1/2-pounder and the other was another solid upgrade.

"That (big fish) was the key to my day and key to my tournament really," he said.